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Promoção por tempo limitado!

Ofertas Únicas de Black Friday, Microcontroladores em Oferta, Potenciômetros, Capacitores e mais...

Ofertas Black Friday


Promoção por tempo limitado!

Microcontroladores de 8 bits - MCU.png

Microcontroladores de 8 bits - MCU RoHS

Microcontroladores de 8 bits - 40 MHz - TSSOP-16


Venda Mínima de 1.000 peças

60% Off

De: R$ 20,16 por R$ 8,06 unidade.

Capacitor Eletrolítico SNAP-IN


Capacitor Eletrolítico de Alumínio Radial de 470µF,

20%, 450V e 282MOhm

Nº do fabricante: EET-ED2W471EA

Medida: Diâmetro: 35mm, Comprimento: 50mm, espaçamento de Condutor/; 10 mm

Marca: Panasonic

De: R$ 49,00 por R$ 22,00
a unidade

Potentiometer Linear 15mm - Terminal Curto - B2k, B5K, B10K, - pacote com 50 peças R$ 125,

Potenciômetro Linear

Potenciômetro Linear 15mm - Terminal Curto - B2k, B5K, B10K

De: R$ 325,00 por R$ 125,00

Pacote com 50 peças

Suporte Porta 2 Pilhas AA


Suporte Porta 2 Pilhas AA 1,5V

Cor Preto Com Rabicho - 2 Slots


De: R$ 350,00 por R$ 139,50

Kit com 100 Peças

Suporte Porta 2 Pilhas AA 1,5V Cor Preto Com Rabicho - 2 Slots Kit com 10 Peças.png

About Brazilcomp


ABRAZILCOMPis an ISO9001-2015 certified company that has been operating for over 12 years in the import and trade of electrical and electronic components. Its focus is on excellence and customer satisfaction by ensuring high quality and safe products at the best cost-benefit ratio. Aware of the continuous worldwide technological development, it is always in dialogue with the main players in the distribution sector in order to support the inputs needed by customers in the various segments of the electronic market, from the most traditional to the innovative processes that IOT (Internet of Things) , M2M (Machine to Machine),  AI (Artificial Intelligence), among others.

with great pride toBRAZILCOMPpresents to its partners some characteristics of its business model that contribute to make it a solid and robust company with an agile action to always deliver better quality products and services.

Our quotes are fast and delivered in less than 24 hours, shipping arrangements can be made by CIF or FOB Miami and FOB Hong Kong, as well as we can develop your project directly from manufacturers in Asia.

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