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The Ultrafast Diodes BRZ1620 and BRZ1660 200V / 600V Anode and Cathode were developed by Brazilcomp to meet especially the car audio market in Brazil with the same quality found in major global brands.

Approved by the main automotive sound industries in the country, these components surprise by their robustness and quality.

With excellent cost-benefit , the BRZ1620 and BRZ1660 diodes cost 53% less than other brands.

• 35 and 60 nanosecond ultrafast recovery times
• Operational junction temperature of 175 ° C
• Popular TO-220 package
• Epoxy meets UL 94 V − 0 @ 0.125 in
• Passivated junction in high temperature glass
• High voltage capacity for 600 V
• Low specified flow rate @ 150 ° C in case of temperature
• Current reduction @ in both cases and at ambient temperatures
• These are Pb-free devices

Mechanical Characteristics
• Case: epoxy, molded
• Weight: 1.9 grams (approximately)
• Finish: all corrosion resistant external surfaces and terminal terminals are easily weldable
• Lead temperature for welding purposes: 260 ° C max. for 10 seconds

Support  Double AA battery

Code : BRZ2463AA

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