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Delivery Policy

Estimated delivery date of products (delivery policy):


The delivery time for products may vary according to the region and type of delivery selected and payment method.

The calculation of shipping and delivery time for products can be simulated after adding the products of interest to the shopping cart by adding the destination zip code.

Under any circumstances, the delivery period becomes effective after confirmation of payment of your order slip or approval of payment by the financial institution.

Our deliveries are carried out between 8 am and 6 pm, from Monday to Saturday, throughout the national territory, by post office.

MM Martins Comercial Eireli

Business Address: Avenida Antártico, 381 - Room 48 A Jardim do Mar - 09726-150

CNPJ: 12.244.861/0001-02

Contact information:

Email: and
Telephone:  1143301203

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